Moving an expensive asset like your car that might have taken you months to save up for can be quite a terrifying thought. What if it gets damaged? What if someone steals it? Or worse, what if there is an accident and my car is totally ruined beyond repair. Well, that is why moving companies have full insurance against any of these scenarios to ensure that you do not worry too much about your car.

But, you may ask, what if I have a special edition sports car, or a collectors car that I might not be able to get again very easily? Well this is why car moving transportation companies offer special covered car transport services. In this way you can be sure that your car is protected from the harsh elements that may ruin it. When a truck is traveling at a speed on the open road, any number of things can happen.

Stones can hit your windshield, or scrape the paint, hail stones can wreak havoc on your car’s roof, windows and doors, and other element can cause small amounts of damage. This is why to have enclosed vehicle transport would be much safer for a prized car or simply if you are very protective of your car.

You can get a free quotation form from most moving companies that will tell you exactly how much extra it will be for you to take advantage of their covered car transport services. The amount will differ from company to company, so be sure to check the exact type of coverage it is. Some enclosed vehicle transport options will be a fully enclosed truck with only a few cars inside. This is also beneficial in case you are nervous of your car being stolen. In this way, no one can see it.

Another type of covered car transport is that of a tarpaulin covering that is placed over the trailer of cars. This will only provide minimal protection from the elements of hail, but may not be the right option for a special edition collector car.

Another option if you are looking for a form of enclosed vehicle transport is by train. In this way your car will be in an enclosed carriage and protected from all possible damage. This is also a faster way of receiving your vehicle and can then be collected from a train terminal or it will be picked up by a truck which can also be enclosed if you so wish, and delivered directly to your doorstep.

When you are looking at quotes and deciding if you should make use of the covered car transport that is offered, be sure to also look over the insurance policy of the company to make sure that the details are in order. Make sure that you get a copy of the insurance coverage incase of any claims that you may wish to file. If you use covered car transport, however, you will probably never need to use it.

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