When you are moving to a new location, you will need to make sure that your car is moved as well. Most people are hesitant to part with their prized asset, but if you choose a reliable company that also provides a good car moving quote then you will be able to rest easier. All professional moving companies are fully insured against any accident or damage to your car, and this is usually highly unlikely to come into play with experienced companies.

A car moving quote can normally be done immediately online, or by a simple phone call. If you are looking around for a good deal, then be sure to have the following information handy, as most car moving companies will ask you these questions so that they can supply you with an accurate quotation.

The first question would be your destination or location. Obviously a car moving quote will have to be primarily based on how far the carrier would need to travel taking into account gas costs and such.

Next, the company will probably ask you to provide the estimated departure date. They will need to check if they have an available truck for you on the specified date, as part of a car moving quote, so a tip is to not leave this till the last minute.

The type of vehicle or vehicles they will be transporting for you is an important factor. Size limitations will influence this as well as insurance costs in case of any accident or damage. Your car moving quote will also need to be adjusted depending on whether you request special transportation services like an enclosed truck.

You must also decide whether or not you would like your car to be delivered directly to your house or garage, or if it will be terminal to terminal and you will collect it from them. The car moving quote can then be more accurately determined. Be sure to ask each company how they would like to receive payment, so that you can decide on the best option or you.

Some car moving companies want a deposit of 10 or 20 percent of the total costs upfront, and some will want the entire amount to be paid in full before they transport your vehicle. There are some companies however that will allow you to pay the whole amount after your car has been delivered.

When you have decided on a company to use after viewing the car moving quote, then be sure that you read their contract properly. Some companies do not guarantee an exact delivery time, so be aware that your car could arrive a day or two later than expected.

Another thing that you must insist on is a copy of your insurance coverage once you have finalized the car moving quote. This is very important for the filing of any potential claims in case of damage to your car. Please also note that overloading the trunk of your car with other items will result in damage to the undercarriage of your car which cannot be covered under most of the moving companies’ insurance policies.


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